Today’s Fashion Is FAST Like a Racecar Driver!

Mar 11, 2010 By Amy

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Fashion isn’t just driving girls crazy, it’s also like driving aracecar according toKarl Lagerfeld. After arunway show ofglacial proportions theCreative Director ofChanel told WWD:

“We live inaspeedy world. We are here tomake theproducts light andmodern. If speed is too much foryou, don’t complain. That’s our world. We are not intheold days with two couture collections ayear. AtChanel, we have six ready-to-wear collections, infact: fall, pre-fall, matiers d’art, spring, pre-spring andcruise, andso themerchandise inthestores changes every two months. We reduce thetime asmuch aswe can. Creativity is not anissue. If you are not capable ofdoing it, you do another job. Doing fashion today is like being aracecar driver. That’s how Isee it. So if theworld oftoday doesn’t fit with your creativity, do your thing inanintimate, small way, but don’t play thevictim. We have tofit intoour times.”

While there’s no racecar with Chanel emblems yet, there is asegway, raft, snowboard, skis, andabicycle. Aracecar does seem like anatural progression forLagerfeld who continues toimpress thefashion world.

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