365 Days + 1 Girl + 1 Dress = The Uniform Project

Apr 30, 2010 By Amy

Could you wear the same dress for 365 days? Probably not, but one young lady has been doing just this, along with teaching the world about sustainability, fashion, and fund-raising.

Sheena Matheiken was raised having to wear a traditional uniform to school. However, she’s reinvented the drab conformity associated with uniforms in an effort to raise money for poor children to attend school in her home country of India. Matheiken set out on The Uniform Project endeavor May 1st, 2009 and probably had no idea what a splash she’d make in the fashion world. Styling the simple dress each day became an internet phenomenon with users sending in suggestions and donating items (and money) to the undertaking.

Uniform Project Picture Book from The Uniform Project on Vimeo.

The project comes to a close tomorrow and thus far Matheiken has successfully raised over $78k — enough to fund schooling for 217 children. A huge congratulations to Sheena Matheiken and you can still donate to this cause through The Uniform Project’s website!

Oh, if you were wondering, she wasn’t literally wearing the same dress everyday. Instead, Sheena had seven identical dresses created for her by designer, Eliza Starbuck.

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