Who Embodies The American Woman and Her Style Today?

Apr 28, 2010 By Amy

It’s no coincidence that Sarah Jessica Parker is the face of Vogue‘s May issue with the title, Great American Women, penned beneath her. This perfectly coincides with The Met Costume Institute Exhibition and Gala’s theme of American Women: Fashioning a National Identity. Parker is a strong representation of today’s current feminine fashions.  While not all of us are well-heeled with Choo’s or Manolo’s, Parker does present a certain all-American grace that fashion has fallen in love with.

When talking about the lovely SJP, Costume Institute curator Andrew Bolton said, “She is such a style icon, but apart from that, she is very adaptable in terms of the clothes she wears. She is somebody who costumes herself into roles. When you think of Sarah Jessica Parker, you almost think of a flapper, because she has this remarkable joie de vivre about her.”

Parker is willing to experiment with fashion, plus she has a look that allows her to chameleon other eras while remaining a modern role model.

If Parker doesn’t embody your representation of an American woman’s style today, we think The Met Exhibit and Gala will bring forth some great examples, whilst paying homage to the evolution of fashion and women in America.  As reported by, WWD, the new showcase will house purpose-built circular galleries that set the stage for different American archetypes since 1890: The “Gibson Girl,” the “Bohemian,” the “Suffragist” and “Patriot,” “Flappers,” the “Screen Siren,” and, finally, a look at the faces of American women from the 1890s through now.

“The American style has absolutely cultivated itself,” said Donna Karan by way of WWD, who herself, with her iconic seven easy pieces, has come to define one facet of it. “You see this effortlessness of individuality and comfort, which I think comes from the legacy of the blue jeans. When you think of America, you think of T-shirts and blue jeans.”

However, Barneys Creative Director, Simon Doonan, isn’t all that thrilled with American style at the moment. Doonan told WWD, “I don’t know how well it serves women, when you think about the world of breast implants, and fake hair and fake tans and fake everything that are a dominant feature of our culture right now. Maybe now is a great time to reflect on the more nuanced archetypes in history.”

Judge the progression of American style for yourself, this new display will be open for viewing from May 5 to August 15 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the famous Gala Benefit lands on May 3rd.

[via WWD]

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