Anna Wintour: The “INDUSTRIE’S” Cover Girl

Jun 3, 2010 By Amy

Remember when that image of†Anna Wintour on†the†cover of†a†magazine circulated the†web? Well, that was a†teaser for†the†release of†INDUSTRIE magazine, a†publication centered around the†fashion industry. At†MyFDB we’re all about celebrating the†credits that move fashion forward, so you can imagine we’re more than just a†little excited to†get this mag into our database.

We’ve been yearning to†learn more about this magazine and†how it came to†fruition. Lucky for†us, editors-in-chief Erik Torstensson and†Jens Grede recently gave The†Business of†Fashion (BoF) an†exclusive sneak peak at†INDUSTRIE.

It appears the†mag lives up to†all its hype with editorials starring Daria Werbowy and†Lara Stone photographed by†Patrick Demarchelier. The†publication also includes an†interview with stylist extraordinaire Katie Grand and†has Tommy Ton dishing on†what happens when editors become household names.

Here’s how Erik and†Jens weighed in†on†a†few of†BoF‘s questions:

On†launching a†magazine in†today’s print climate:

Erik: “This kind of†magazine could not have existed before. This is the†right time for†INDUSTRIE, a†magazine about the†industry of†fashion because fashion, which was once a†closed, is now very open.”

Weighing in†that now is the†time for†niche publications:

Jens: “Yes, I†think that is one direction where the†media industry is going. We either have Ďblockbusters,í whether thatís Avatar or†American Vogue, which will always do well or†we have very specialised magazines…”

About putting Anna Wintour on†the†cover:

Jens: “It simply makes the†point we wanted to†make. If we are writing about editors becoming cover stars, sheís the†one that makes that point best.”

You can read the†full interview on†The†Business of†Fashion and†learn more about INDUSTRIE on†their website.

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