25 Years Strong! Go Inez & Vinoodh!

Jun 24, 2010 By Amy

Innovative photography duo, Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, have made their mark on fashion by shooting high profile editorials, covers, and campaigns. Their MyFDB profiles are packed with stunning imagery from their past work. In honor of the on and off camera pair, their photographs spanning from 1985 — 2010 will be on display at Amsterdam’s Foam Museum through September 15.

In celebration of this milestone, van Lamsweerde shared a few insights about her and Matadin’s work with WWD:

On being labeled fashion photographers: We love what clothes do to build a character in your picture. There’s something that I find fascinating about the language of clothes. It’s kind of like a set of codes that everyone universally understands.

On her favorite models: Raquel Zimmermann, Daria Werbowy, Kate Moss and Anja Rubik. They all have this huge range. They’re mature, they’re grown up, they’re women who have had a life and experience. For about five or six years now we haven’t shot anyone under 18 for that reason, but also for the fact that we feel that the modeling business should not promote girls working under 18. They’re not out of school, their bodies aren’t developed yet, they don’t have a sense of self yet, sometimes they haven’t had sex yet. It’s hard to project all these things on someone who hasn’t had that experience.

On shooting celebrities: I actually love it. It’s like a conquest each time. It’s kind of like — I don’t want to say seduction, but it has that part to it. I never really try to talk someone into doing something they don’t want to….We usually have an idea ahead of time what we would like to do, what our fantasy would be on a celebrity, what part we would like to bring out or change. Usually I get quite a good sense in the first five minutes as to how much they want to play with you and how open they are.…The sitting is no longer than 15 to 20 minutes. A lot of people say that they feel hypnotized after they shoot with us because it’s a very, very, very focused, short period of time. Usually within the first five frames I have the picture.

On her dream subject: I would love to shoot Prince. I’m a fan. I think he’s inspiring and I love the way he moves his body and I think he’s a genius. And since there’s no more Michael Jackson, I would say he’d be the one.

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