How To Hunt For Supermodels in Brazil

Jun 15, 2010 By Amy

In interviews models always talk about that magical moment when they were “discovered” whether it be in the market, going to school, or walking around town- someone noticed these young girls and approached them about the idea of modeling. Of course, going from talking to a talent scout to a full fledged international modeling career is a long process, but it’s how many young girls are introduced to the modeling realm.

Who are the reps finding them? Talent scouts like Alisson Chornak, make a living venturing into rural areas of Brazil and talking to local girls about the prospect of modeling. The New  York Times took time to follow Chornak around as he scouts for the next Gisele Bündchen or Alessandra Ambrosio (both from Brazil) in the video linked below. Chornak provides a unique glimpse into how modeling can drastically change lives for these rural beauties.

(Pictured at top, Alessandra Ambrosio for Glamour)

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