How To Hunt For Supermodels in Brazil

Jun 15, 2010 By Amy

Ináinterviews models always talk about that magical moment when they were “discovered” whether it be inátheámarket, going toáschool, oráwalking around town- someone noticed these young girls andáapproached them about theáidea ofámodeling. Ofácourse, going from talking toáaátalent scout toáaáfull fledged international modeling career is aálong process, but it’s how many young girls are introduced toáthe modelingárealm.

Who are the reps finding them? Talent scouts like Alisson Chornak, make aáliving venturing into rural areas ofáBrazil andátalking toálocal girls about theáprospect ofámodeling. TheáNewá York Times took time toáfollow Chornak around asáhe scouts forátheánext Gisele BŘndchen oráAlessandra Ambrosio (both from Brazil) inátheávideo linked below. Chornak provides aáunique glimpse into how modeling can drastically change lives foráthese rural beauties.

(Pictured atátop, Alessandra Ambrosio foráGlamour)

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