Elle Is Eating Praying & Loving Julia Roberts!

Aug 20, 2010 By Vaneza

We all know September issues are a huge deal, but this year Elle readers get a treat – not just one editorial with covergirl Julia Roberts, but THREE!

Each featured editorial follows the inspirational themes of Julia Roberts’ new film “Eat Pray Love”. “Eat” shot by Tom Munro showcases a sultry Roberts in a series of beautiful black dresses. “Pray”, the second editorial shot by Alexei Hay features Roberts in rich, colorful frocks. Lastly, Roberts is joined by costar Javier Bardem in “Love” shot by Carter Smith. Roberts dons multiple free-flowing hippie prints that are guaranteed to make readers believe that you can eat, pray, love, and live in style.

You can see the full editorials for “Eat“, “Pray” and “Love” at MyFDB and visit Elle.com for more behind the scenes info.

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