Gareth Pugh’s Optical Illusion: A Black Box

Aug 2, 2010 By Amy

Avante-garde British designer, Gareth Pugh is known for doing things a little out of the ordinary, and why should his new retail store be any different? “Because it was my first store, I knew I had to do something that was very me. So I went back to my runway shows and thought, what could be more me than a black box? But instead of doing something very one dimension, I decided to play around with a lot optical illusions that will change the space according to reflections. Contrasting themes such as shiny and matte, black and white, hard and soft are also important part of my style. I wanted to take these ideas and create something that would make sense in a retail environment,” Pugh told WWD.

The result? “The shop is masked in British-imported jet-black rubber paint whilst glossy black tiles line the floor and walls to create a ‘grid-line’ effect. The clothes racks are set into the wall, with a matte rubber inset that juxtaposes against the shiny surface of the tiles” states WWD.

Well, if we’re ever in Hong Kong we’ll be sure to stop by Ice House Street to check out the new storefront (if we can find it).

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