Beauty & Manicure Madness at Alexander McQueen

Oct 6, 2010 By Vaneza

Creative director Sarah Burton‘s first fully designed ready-to-wear collection for Alexander McQueen was shown yesterday at Paris Fashion Week with much anticipation and success. The collection focused around Mother Nature and the beauty of nature itself in conjunction with fashion. Pieces began in all white and slowly transitioned to floral patterned garments in darker hues, as well as a, a plethora of feathers and a gorgeous monarch butterfly design signifying the brand’s evolution and metamorphosis. Whereas McQueen’s designs were often times more dark and Baroque-like, Burton’s shift was closer to an enlightening transformation.

The pieces in the collection were not the only thing that got the attention of fashion goers; hair, makeup and nails went perfectly with the theme. According to Style.com, the Minx team showed up in Paris as the popular nail brand’s founders, Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin, were reportedly given fabric swatches from Sarah Burton’s design team. From this, the duo quickly devised the perfect manicure in which layers of a translucent copper pattern were placed atop their best-selling Golden Lightning foil lead by nail stylist Marian Newman. Gudio, the creative consultant for the Redken team created hairstyles which resembled the intricate woven baskets. In true Alexander McQueen style, there was no lack in the attention to detail.

[Images via Style.com and WWD]

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