It’s a Sprig of Grapes! It’s an Egyptian! It’s Halloween Time at American Apparel

Oct 15, 2010 By Vaneza

With Halloween slowly creeping up on us, the team at MyFDB is in search of the perfect costume. Nothing screams “stress” more than frantically putting together a costume hours before the madness of Halloween night. Luckily the folks at American Apparel are making the task of dressing up a little less daunting and whole lot more fun this year. Just recently, the brand launched their Halloween costume section. American Apparel, known best for their basics, have taken some of their pieces and created some not-so-basic costumes for Halloween night. From a cupcake, to an Egyptian, to a magic dwarf to even Romeo & Juliet, there is no limit! Additionally, if you purchase an entire outfit online, you will receive an extra 15% off. Halloween can’t be here soon enough!

Head to their site for more Halloween ideas!

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