Bad Boy, Ed Westwick Gossips With Gotham

Nov 19, 2010 By Lauren Valenti

I will admit, my heart started fluttering uncontrollably upon seeing Ed Westwick on the cover of Gotham Magazine! I guess you could I say I got it bad forthewell-dressed man who plays Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. The show’sbad boy is notorious for dressing nice. His extremely polished look, button-up shirts, bow ties, and well-tailored suits are staples in his wardrobe. It seems as though Westwick doesn’t stray too far from his character when it comes to dressing. His gleaming suit and andwonderfully colored tie (picture above) are beautiful to say the least.

Granted I’m no expert on British style, butWestwick’s Burberry-ish outfit within the magazine perfectly reflects the editorial’s title, London Calling. Two thumbs up for stylist, Sam Specter for creating these looks.

Ladies, this is your cue to swoon, and men, it’s time to take notes!

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