Flaunt’s Idea of Brutality is Pretty Preppy

Nov 11, 2010 By Lauren Valenti

There is nothing brutal about this editorial, so I cannot figure out why Flaunt magazine titled it, A Brutalist’s Holiday. In fact, this editorial seems quite opposite from brutal based on the wardrobe, the color palette, the model chosen, and the photography. Stylist, Sam Ranger picked a preppy wardrobe of whites, brights, and neutrals. I would think that a brutalist’s wardrobe would be a little more dark and edgy.The male model in this editorial doesn’t scream brutal to me either.Although he does have a sharp jaw line and some great hair, his innocent boy-ish looks offset everything. Each shot of the editorial is crisp, clean, and perfectly colored. Photographer, Thomas Giddings didn’t create any dark shadows orobscure blurs as one might expect from a brutalist themed photoshoot.

Maybe Flaunt was trying throw their readers for a loop with a paradoxical editorial? Or maybe they are suggesting that brutalists come in all shapes and colors, including those who wearclassic button-up T-shirts, ties, and trench coats. You can check out the rest of this editorial on MyFDB!

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  • kidwithJD

    Brutalist refers to the architectural style of the settings.



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