Get Infected By Freja Beha Erichsen

Nov 15, 2010 By Lauren Valenti

Everyone here at MyFDB has been obsessing over Freja Beha Erichsen. But, who isn’t obsessing over her? She’s one of the best models currently out there which is why we’ve selected her as this week’s Model Monday feature. The one thing that really sticks out about her besides her unique look is her versatility. Erichsen has the largest spectrum of looks, she can go from a raw punk rocker to a beautiful. fresh bride, to a geisha-like creature, and of course to a spectacularly chic supermodel. I don’t know anyone who can pull of that kind of versatility, and yet Erichsen flawlessly achieves each look.

We guess we shouldn’t be so surprised at this Dane’s appeal. According to New York Magazine she is most noted for her bad-girl appeal, her androgynous look, and her tattoos. It is just like the dating world when almost every girl flocks to the bad-boy with the tattoos, the studded leather jacket, and the motorcycle. The bad-boy seems to have this captivating aura that infects everyone, just as Erichsen does. It is quite obvious that Erichsen is contagious, she is everywhere! In fact, Vogue Paris double features her in their latest issue. She is also the current face of Harry Winston and Tom Ford. What would the fashion industry be without her? Not as good looking as it is with her in it!

Erichsen is also the muse for Mr. Karl Lagerfeld himself. You might remember a past blog post of ours which also named Baptiste Giabiconi as Lagerfeld’s muse. We must say, Lagerfeld sure knows how to pick ‘em!

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