Makeup Artist Gucci Westman’s Global Revlon-olution

Nov 18, 2010 By Amy

Amy Gan

Whether it’s lip gloss or powder, women always have some sort of makeup product within reach, hence why we went straight to an A-list source for beauty advice. Makeup artist, Gucci Westman fills us in on what items we should keep close by and more.

Westman is currently the Global Artistic Director of Revlon and has worked with everyone in the industry from Miranda Kerr to Halle Berry. She’s also the most credited makeup artist in MyFDB’s coveted database. That’s right, we like to learn from the best, enjoy!

What does being the Global Artistic Director of Revlon entail?
It entails an overall involvement in product development, a few exclusive collections a year for the Revlon brand, being lead makeup on commercial shoots, coming up with new concepts, doing a lot of press – in US and globally, representing Revlon backstage during New York, London, Milan and Paris

Fashion Shows, trying to bring what I know women love to Revlon! I also guest tweet on their Twitter page every now again – social media is insane!

Name three makeup staples every woman should carry.
For one, a great foundation, I am obsessed with the new PhotoReady Compact Makeup. It has such a beautiful finish.

A great eyeliner – these new amazing Luxurious Color Smoky Crayons from Revlon are sooo great for having the ability to do a smokey, smudgy lined eye or just as a liner, I love the inky texture and size. It’s so versatile.

A beautiful tomato red lip – Revlon ColorBurst in Coral is such a great color!

How has makeup evolved within fashion in the last decade?
It seems like there is a lot of color now, the modernity comes from the skin being very luminous, almost like cyberskin, women from all ages seem to be embracing color in both eyes and lips. It’s really about individuality, and expressing that with makeup.

Can you tell us a few spring 2011 trends from Relvon we can look forward to?
The new Revlon Customeyes Mascara – a dual function mascara – it has adjustable bristles so you can switch up the look you want with one product, how cool is that? Its inspired by these amazing Japanese components, but has a one of a kind brush, and really works.

The new Luxurious Color Smoky Crayons I mentioned before – I mean the liner even has a sharpener on the bottom of the crayon – so smart!

Also these new limited edition Molton Metal Eye Shadows that go beautifully with the liners. They also have this new Mineral Makeup that contains Coconut Water – it’s amazing – when you put it on it has this cooling feeling..and leaves skin so luminous. Also, Colorburst has a new range of highly pigmented, moisturizing glosses in a super chic long and lean tube, love!

What has been one of your favorite designers to create runway looks for?
Always my husband, David Neville for Rag & Bone, it’s a family affair, we love Rag & Bone so much, and are so invested, it feels very close to home. I am

that kind of girl.

Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring fashion industry hopefuls?
Experience is everything, do as much as you can, and don’t be too concerned about the money in the early days, hopefully that will come later.

A big thank you to Gucci Westman for sharing some tips and advice. After talking to Westman, I don’t think we’ll be the only ones motivated to purchase a few extra Revlon goodies.

-Amy Gan

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