Bambi: Not Your Average Deer

Dec 13, 2010 By Lauren Valenti

Question: What has skinny deer-like legs, is cute as a button, prances around all of the time and goes by the name “Bambi”? Hopefully you weren’t thinking of the Disney movie Bambi, because I’m talking about Bambi Northwood-Blyth. Her real name is actually Stephanie, but everyone calls her Bambi…Perhaps because she has the Bambi cartoon character tattooed on her wrist? Who knows! But what we do know, is that she’s absolutely adorable, and team MyFDB loves her! Bambi is Australian, just like other It-girl models Abbey Lee Kershaw and Miranda Kerr. Surprisingly she’s very new to the modeling scene, even though she seems to everywhere you turn. She modeled locally in Australia during 2009 and has recently (as of 2010) signed with Elite Models.

Bambi is most noted for her amazingly full eyebrows, perfect pout, and piercing blueish-green eyes. The majority of work her has been runway, but don’t worry because we’re pretty certain print will be on the way! Her most recent print work was for Harper’s Bazaar Australia, and the new clothing label, Style Stalker. We cannot wait to see what’s next for Ms. Bambi, but I’m guessing it’ll be great- trust me! ;)

[Images via The Fashion Spot and theStyle Stalker Blog]

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