Be Wild! Have Fun! And Get Lost Dreaming With I Love Wildfox!

Dec 3, 2010 By Lauren Valenti

Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon (pictured below),the two ladies of Wildfox Couture currently have one of the most beloved fashion blogs out there! Their blog, I Love Wildfox is a spin off of their clothing brand, Wildfox Couture. Kimberley Gordon runs the blog and said it was created in order to inspire and share their inspirations. Well Kimberley, mission accomplished; if this blog doesn’t spur some type of creation, I don’t know what will.

There are SO MANY aspects to their blog to be explored; there’s the Boy section, the Journal section, the I Love Drawing section, the What To Wear section, and finally the Photo Life section. So if you have a little extra time or A LOT of extra time this weekend, scour the archives and archives of I Love Wildfox. You can find anything from editorials to inspirational videos, to custom paper doll cut-outs. You can even find fashionable recipes! My favorite part of their blog is their own Wildfox Couture editorials, you may remember our past blog post highlighting their most recent shoot.

With their blog, the dynamic design duo hope to remind people to be wild, to have fun, and to go get lost in their dreams just as they do with both their lives and their knitwear brand. I Love Wildfox is a must-read, must-see, and must-share with your friends, family, and fellow fashion lovers; trust me!

[Images and information via Wildfox Couture and I Love Wildfox]

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