If The Shoe Fits…Smell It!

Dec 3, 2010 By Amy

Forget glass slippers, it’s all about GOLD SHOES! The metallic hue is back in a big smelly way this holiday season thanks to the always exciting Anna Dello Russo (remember? she does it all!). This Creative Consultant for Vogue Nippon, turned Fashion Director at Large, turned model, turned designer, turned singer, has yet again turned over a new leaf as a perfumer- with the release of her first self titled scent.

Anna Dello Russo, the fragrance, encompasses the essence of vanilla mixed with almond creating a scent inspired by the memories and the flavors of childhood— the wholesome smell of warm cookies coming from Grandma’s kitchen on Christmas Eve. Anna Dello Russo the person, says, “You smell so good that I want to eat you, they will tell you.” Apparently smelling yummy might leave you with some bite marks…hopefully Santa won’t mistake you for a life size cookie.

With the bottle being a perfectly petite size, only holding 2 ounces, this is the ideal stocking stuffer or airplane safe item. After all…if the shoe fits, smell it!

Anna Dello Russo (the fragrance) is 2 ounces and retails for $25 on Yoox.

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