Pint-Sized Elle Fanning’s High Fashions

Dec 22, 2010 By Amy

Is it just me or are we continuing to take note of younger and younger actresses? Coming into the spotlight now is the pint-sized, Elle Fanning (yes, she’s Dakota‘s sister), who plays Cleo in the film, Somewhere directed by Sofia Coppola. Fanning’s character is the daughter of a famous hard partying actor who helps him reconnect with what’s important in life.In honor of the film’s release, Elle was featured in this “Little Star” editorial for Lula Magazine. Given her soft look and stylish clothes, you’d never guess she was only twelve! Crazy, right!?

I can’t wait for this film to come out because it features a lot of classic Los Angeles landmarks like the Chateau Marmont. Even model Erin Wasson makes a small cameo as “Party Girl #1.”

Browse the full Lula editorial on MyFDB and watch the Somewhere trailer below! The movie is out today!

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