Saving The Fashion World One Model-Emergency At A Time!

Dec 14, 2010 By Lauren Valenti

It’s official, fashion lovers and comic book nerds have finally collided! Yep, you heard me, comic books have become fashionable:

“Modelinia [has] collaborated with Francesca Hammerstein and popular Manga artist John Aggs to create a comic series featuring supermodel superheroes. Follow our leading ladies as they battle through the business of beauty, conquering the industry’s trials and tribulations, perils and pitfalls, on their journey to the top.”

These comic strips do in fact deal with the ups and downs of the fashion industry rather comically. The main character is a supermodel superhero who is appropriately named, The Silver Silhouette. In one of the comic book episodes, The Silver Silhouette has to rescue the kidnapped Agyness Deyn. A slew of other famous top models make cameos within the comic book series as well, except they all have secret identities of course! Adriana Lima appears as Adriana Lemur, Giselle Bündchen appears as superwoman Gazelle, and Raquel Zimmerman is Raquel Zebraman in episode three. Sasha Supernova or rather Sasha Pivovarova appears in episode five and Coco Rogue also known as Coco Rocha is in episode six.

The Silver Silhouette saves the fashion world one model-emergency at a time. Some of these model-emergencies include models choosing the “wrong” type of work, models who arrive late to their shoots and even models who overdose on energy drinks! Whether you are in need of a fashion pick-me-up or just a good laugh, check out all six episodes of The Silver Silhouette on Modelina.

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