Sorry Rudolph, Gap’s Reindeer Are Cooler!

Dec 16, 2010 By Vaneza

Growing up, I was a total Gap kid! As a child, rarely was there a day when I didn’t rock one of their rad denim jackets or, even better, a floral patterned dress with socks and a hair scrunchy to match! Yes, I was obsessed with scrunchies…Hey, what can I say? It was the 90′s.

It’s been a decade (or two) since I last donned a floral hair scrunchy, but I can say with much certainty that I’m still an avid Gap fan. Although my love for clothing is now a mix of comfy classics with funky vintage, I often times find myself running to the Gap for their simple, yet revamped basics season after season! And that’s not the only reason I have mad love for the Gap, on top of their actual product, Gap’s social media and branding strategy initiatives are continually creative and one-of-a-kind. Not only do they produce eco-friendly and charitable initiaves that give back, but they also have begun to look to larger forms of social media such as the almighty Facebook and Twitter to uniquely engage with their consumers.

Gap’s latest venture into the world of social media is “Project Reindeer”. The plan, according to Gap, is simple…”8 Reindeer, 8 Deals, 5 Days. Track the movements of our GPS-enabled reindeer as they decide our stylish in-store deals and tweet to boost your favorite and check back daily to see which deal wins!” Although I was a little confused at first I slowly got the hang of it…Here’s what you need to know….

Each reindeer represents a deal (For example Zoe offers customers 40% off their entire purchase and Bailey offers customers 50% off of sweaters). Everyday the 8 reindeer work towards a goal, like the shortest distance or longest distance traveled within 24 hours, and the winning reindeer ends up being the deal of the following day! Here’s how YOU come into play…tweet the deal you want to boost the reindeer to win! Mention the winning reindeer’s code at check-out and enjoy your Gap goodies! The project, which began yesterday, will run until the 19th…perfect timing for the Holidays!

For more information or to just watch live reindeer roam around, head to their official site.

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