Tom Brady for Ugg(ly)And Why?

Dec 7, 2010 By Vaneza

If there are two things in the world that I simply do not understand (and by understand I actually mean like) it’s football and Ugg. Think about it, every weekend grown men flock to their screens to cheer for other men running in spandex chasing a weird shaped ball…and if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s also Monday Night football…oh, and even better (err worse?) is the whole fantasy football league thing…where fans craft their own “fake” teams for money. You.have.too.much.time.on.your.hands…go chase a real ball! The second thing, totally unrelated (for now), are those heinous shoes called Uggs…or rather “Fuggs.” Shoes originally intended for cold weather have now become popular with very short skirts…Ladies, this is NOT okay, ever.

Now, I know these two tangents are completely unrelated, but not anymore..it seems that the fashion gods have magically merged these two atrocities together. According to WWD, Australian brand Ugg has signed the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as the face of their upcoming global men’s campaign. Uhm, wait. Why?…Apparently this is the brands first men’s marketing campaign and Brady will kick it off (haha Get it?…”kick off”…I made a football joke) globally starting Fall 2011

Let’s see how well this goes; I can see Brady setting the trend now…It’s half time and a very buff Brady takes off his turf shoes and slips into Uggs. Wow! Now that’s a picture of “cozy masculinity” at it’s best. Grown men will be rocking Uggs from the comfort of their own couches to the bars for football games! NOT. Oh well, if his career as an athlete fails, he could always become a (foot) model…I mean, he is Gisele‘s baby daddy, and she definitely has a few connections in the fashion industry.

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