Trade In Your Forgotten Fashion Thoughts For Perfectly Planned Outfits!

Dec 24, 2010 By Lauren Valenti

Are you struggling to find that perfect gift for the fashionista in your life? Does he or she have such a unique style that is beyond difficult to buy them any type of clothing or accessories? Well, look no further because I have a great fashionable gift idea, and it comes from fashion bloggerBeth Jones, better known as B. Jones. After gaining major praise from her blog, B. Jones Style, which features her personal street style, she began creating STYLIT, an in-depth fashion day planner, available on Etsy:

“STYLIT is a designed to help you plan your day, week and month with personal style in mind. STYLIT lets you create inspiration pages for each season, fashion forecast each month, imagine a new look while traveling, and plan your outfits daily.”

“Each day is characterized by a underwear-clad STYLIT girl, she is there for you to write down all your ideas of what to wear for day and night. Scribble on her, sketch on her – have fun detailing each and everything you plan to wear – from your earrings to your shoes.”

“STYLIT is here for you create, imagine and organize a fabulous year looking chic and effortless.”

Personally, I think a STYLIT is a really great gift; I would love to find this in my stocking or wrapped-up under my Christmas tree. Sometimes I spend excessive amounts of time thinking about, and planning out my outfits, a STYLIT would help to keep my thoughts a little more organized. And, want to know the best part about this STYLIT? It’s only $25! If you feel this is something you or a loved one might be interested in check out the video below, or head on over to Jones’ Etsy account to purchase one!

[Images via B. Jones Style]

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