Vintage Finds Blossom At The Rose Bowl Flea Market

Dec 8, 2010 By Amy

Scoring vintage finds on the cheap isn’t the easiest of tasks, so when it comes to troving for treasures, team MyFDB hits up the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena to get our fashion fix. First of all, this is an event you must be prepared for! The flea market is huugge, so it’s best to bring along someone who has been there before for guidance.

Luckily for us MyFDBlog editor, Mckenzie knew her way around when it came to navigating the vintage clothing terrain. This proved to be very beneficial because the flea market circles the ENTIRE Rose Bowl stadium (they host sporting events like football), but for the good clothing finds hit up the section on the left (over the bridge) after entering. There’s an eclectic furniture section you’ll pass on the way. You’ll want to gawk at everything from vintage couches to amazing chandeliers and rugs. It’s a must-see even if you’re not in the market for home furnishings.

Okay now onto the fashions- what did we find? LOTS of vintage tees, FUR, dresses, TONS of jewelry (old and new), shoes galore (emphasis vintage and cowboy boots), lots of cool accessories, accent pieces (think sequined shirts, lace, etc.). The best part? We didn’t have to search very hard, pieces called out “wear me!” and “buy me!” to each of us.

Warning: expect to be drawn into unexpected purchases. Price points vary from five tees for $20 to $100+ for designer duds (yes, we know that’s a huge price gap). Realistically, expect to score sweet vintage dresses from $5-$20. We suggest visiting smaller vendors, who are easier to bargain with and have lower prices.

With the market being so vast and eclectic, this is definitely the place to score unique holiday presents for your family. I know what you’re thinking…what can I buy there? Cowboy boots for my Dad? No. In turn, think along the lines of candlesticks, vintage posters, paintings, home decor accents, books, vintage items from your parent’s youth and more!

So if you’re going to venture to the Rose Bowl Flea Market (or any flea market) here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Wear comfy shoes and dress in layers (it’s cold in the morning, but it’ll warm up).

2. Bring cash! There’s always room to haggle, so bring small bills for some serious negotiations.

3. Don’t forget reusable tote bags, these are perfect for carrying your new goods.

4. H2O and Coffee and really a must, but bathrooms are sparse, so be cautious.

5. GO EARLY! The Rose Bowl opens at 9 am SHARP! If you want first peek, get there before the crowd.

6. If you’re on the fence about a purchase, wait until later in the afternoon and if it’s still there- start bargaining! Vendors won’t want to carry items out, if they can sell them at a reduced rate. Put your negotiating hat on!

7. Bring a camera. You’ll see lots of unique items that will bring you style and decorating inspiration. Even if you don’t buy it, you’ll want to remember it!

Okay…NOW that you’re ready the Next Rose Bowl Flea Market is THIS Sunday, December 12! For information visit their official website. Happy Thrifting!

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