Blonds Have More Fun And Brunettes Are Brainy, But What About Redheads?

Jan 31, 2011 By Lauren Valenti

It’s been said that blonds have more fun and brunettes are brainier. But I have to wonder about redheads, is there no witty phrase or joke for them? I guess we can just say that redheads are rare, ravishing, refined, and distinct; after all, red is the first color a human eye sees. For this week’s Model Monday, we are featuring the rare, ravishing, refined, and distinct Cintia Dicker. This Brazilian bombshell was discovered in a mall of all places, in 2001; talk about being in the right place at the right time! Soon after, she appeared on the cover of Glamour Italia and then hit the runways of New York Fashion Week. Dicker has appeared in a multitude of fashion magazines like10 magazine, Elle French, Jalouse, Surface, Allure, i-D, Vogue Italia, Lula, and the list goes on. She was also the face of Yves Saint Laurent, Benetton, DSqaured2, Custo Barcelona and L’Oreal Paris just to name a few!

With a job list like that, it’s obvious why everyone has fallen in love with Dicker’s cute freckles, bright hair and perfect pout. And, according to New York Magazine, she is known as the industry’s “sexy girl.” Yet I have to wonder, the fashion world has a sea of “sexy girls,” so how does one decide who gets the label and who doesn’t? Whatever the case may be, I sure wouldn’t mind having the “sexy girl” title attached to my name! I guess you could say that Dicker is one “sexy” and lucky girl!

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