Emily Weiss: From MTV’s “Super Intern” to Beauty Extraordinaire

Jan 14, 2011 By Lauren Valenti

It’s a well known fact that beauty and fashion just go together, and oh my, aren’t they just the best looking couple you’ve ever seen? Beauty and fashion also may be two of the most difficult industries to obtain a career in. I’m happy to say that there are ways of getting into and learning from these industries, like starting a fashion blog. Blogger and stylist Emily Weiss has a solution for us all! In a sea of fashion blogs, Weiss’ beauty blog,Into The Gloss provides us with content that ranges from “inside the industry to the street.”Basically, Weiss shares information on all things beauty with an insider’s perspective:

“You値l find influencers from editors to stylists and models divulging their carefully curated products, routines and inspirations. You値l find makeup artists, hair stylists and myriad other specialists talking about what makes them tick, their top tools, and their visions of what痴 to come. You値l see backstage. You値l see product highlights. And you値l see the new kids on the block the assistants, the up-and-comers預long with the intriguing characters out and about, who are shaping our idea of modern Beauty.”

Weiss herself used to be an aspiring fashion industry hopeful looking for any opportunity to get her foot in the door. In fact, you may remember her on MTV’s reality show, The Hills. She was the “super intern” from New York that downright scared poor Ms. Lauren Conrad to the bone, and probably intimidated her just the same. Well, now Weiss is an important part of the industry and wants to share as much exclusive content as she can with new hopefuls. Thank you Emily Weiss, we at MyFDB are loving Into The Gloss!

[All images via Into The Gloss]

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