Sorry, But I Like Trying Clothes On…

Jan 24, 2011 By Vaneza

One my favorite parts about the whole shopping experience is the action of actually trying the clothes on themselves…this is also why as much as I love the internet, rarely, do I online shop.

However, according to Vogue UK, technology and fashion are colliding with the launch of a new machine/robot called “Fits.me” which will soon provide a virtual fitting room for e-commerce sites using shape shifting robots to model clothes in different sizes. Although this seems somewhat cool, I don’t know how accurate the fittings would really be…I mean come on, everyone is different. However, co-founders Heikki Haldre and Paul Pllin have eight robot mannequins that morph into a variety of body shapes, ensuring customers that a piece of clothing will fit to the truest form.

Call me old fashioned but I will continue to head to actual stores…to try on my clothes. There is just something so much more pleasing about walking into a fitting room with an arm full of clothes versus a robot doing it for me!

[Image via Fits.me]

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