Calvin Klein Sings The Blues This Fall!

Feb 13, 2011 By Amy

Can suits have personality? Yes!…They can and DO thanks to Calvin Klein Collection menswear designer, Italo Zucchelli. After all, there’s nothing sexier than a man with good hair dressed in a well-tailored suit. This is the reason I was looking forward to Calvin Klein’s menswear show today- modern clothes and male models- what’s a girl NOT to love? And if that isn’t enough for you,Kellan Lutz (who previouslymodeled for CK), Zac Efron, and Joe Jonas were all front row for the show. This teenage girl triple threat was almost a foursome, as I spotted Ed Westwick nearby the building, but not in the audience (he did make it to Simon Spurr earlier).

Enough gossip…on to the clothes! Before the show could begin, the audience literally had to be completely silent-like before a movie starts- guests were “ssshhhing!” each other. Getting a fashion crowd to be speechless is of course best done with incredible clothes. With the layout of the runway crossing the room multiple times, everyone was able to get a sharp view of the garments. The show started with dark wool suits, then lightened up to carmine, followed by charcoal, and then the Klein blues made their eyebrow raising appearance- a major highlight!

The collection left male show goers blue with envy of with the brand’s bold “Klein blue” garments. Some of the guys may have felt a little nostalgic for their little league days when puffy sleeved sweatshirts, which loosely reassembled a baseball getup hit the runway. Two of my favorite pieces were the Klein blue puffer jacket and suit above.

View the show’s finale and the photo gallery below to get a glimpse of all the looks and the presentation’s layout! Tell us your thoughts on the Klein blue- would you rock it?

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