Dewars Presents The “Modern Man” With Joel McHale

Mar 24, 2011 By Amy

What happens when you combine a room full of stylish gents, liquor, and a panel of hilarious comedians? You get the Dewars “Defining The Modern Man” eventwhich took place last night in Hollywood. With Dewars cocktails in hand, a panel discussion led by Joel McHale (The Soup host and star of NBC’sCommunity)comedically tried to define what exactly the modern man is and what he’s all about. The eclectic panel consisted of: Dan Dunn (The Imbiber, in the hat), Jesse Williams (Actor, Grey’s Anatomy, below left), KP Anderson (Head Writer and Executive Producer of The Soup, below right), and lastly my personal favorite Alison Brie (from NBC’s Community). I’m glad the organizers threw a female in there to balance out all the testosterone on stage. Plus Alison’s

witty personality fit right in as she kept it classy with a martini by her side (I could hang with her).

I showed up to the event with MyFDB’s CEO, Keith Britton, who is definitely an example of today’s modern man. Prior to the start of the panel we made our rounds and said hello to some of the fashionable attendees. It was great to see a glowing Rebecca Minkoff, who after rocking the runway at fashion week recently announced that she’s expecting (yes, more fashion babies!). She was looking tres chic in an amazing black leather jacket and gold accessories.

So how exactly did this “Modern Man” talk go down? Well, subjects included the use of the term metrosexual, men’s drink orders, manscaping and who the modern man is not.

Upon the start of the discussion the term “metrosexual” was immediately brought up, but Alison informed everyone that this word is now considered tres passe. Jesse chimed in that he thought,”the ‘metrosexual’ term has more to do with prep time getting ready compared to a girl.” Just like all the panel members, I totallyagree that word is completely played out. The topic of conversation swiftly moved to a modern man’s drink of choice- Dewars of course (gotta love event sponsors). Jesse said, “a scotch has always been a masculine drink.” If you weren’t aware of this (which I wasn’t), Dewars is a blended scotch whiskey…It was news to me too, as I’m a vodka girl. Well, according to KP, when it comes to the modern man’s drink order, it doesn’t always have to be so strong, apparently a guy really can get away with a “girlie” drink if it’s daytime or if you’re with a girl. To play it safe gender neutral drink would be a margarita, however the secondthat someone requests that the ice get blended- voila!- instant girl drink!

As for the whole “manscaping” topic, the conclusion was keep things neat and as KP so lovingly put it, “stay clean shaved while you’re face can pull it off.” Y’know, show off the young skin, but if you’re a little older a extra scruff is allowed.

Each of the panelists sum up the modern man in two words…

Joel McHale: “Ryan Seacrest. Oh wait, can hobbits be a modern man?!”

Dan: “Joel McHale”

KP: “No BS”

Alison: “Polished, Masculine”

Jesse: ” Funny, Curious, Knowledgeable”

And when asked, who isn’t the modern man?”Dudes on Harley Davidsons” chimed Joel! The crowd had a good laugh with that one.

The modern man also isn’t promiscuous, as the topic of social media was brought up…With sites like Facebook, men don’t have the same amount of privacy as they once did.So all in all, I learned that the modern man is outgoing, loves a good drink (and knows when it’s appropriate to order certain types of drinks) and isn’t afraid to show off some style. Cheers to that!

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