EXCLUSIVE Interview: Your Hair “Gets Lucky” at Roy Teeluck Salon

Mar 21, 2011 By Amy

Sometimes it just takes a little “luck” to create that perfect hair style…That’s luck as in Roy Teeluck, an A-list hair stylist who recently remodeled his

poshNewYorksalon. With over 25 years in the business, Mr. Teeluck recently took the time to talk to MyFDB about his industry background, salon and more.

What prompted you to become a hair stylist and have you always known that this was your calling?
Well, truth be told I needed a job after high school. So, it really wasnt a calling, rather fate intervened when I took an apprenticeship at a local hair salon. Guess we can say that was life changing.

With such an established career, how has the hair styling industry evolved throughout the years?
What makes women beautiful will always be ever changing, making the fast-paced beauty industry constantly evolving. It has kept me intrigued for 25 years, considering I have a short attention span. The business is exciting as it changes. Rising prices, women become more career-oriented and fast fashion keeps us all on our toes in order to satisfy our consumers.

What was the design inspiration behind your New York salon?
Our initial inspiration came from a good friend, Abe Gurko, who suggested a throw-back to 1970s glamour with a chic, contemporary feel. After that, my wife Catherine took charge and made it all happen. I was involved every day with the project and was also consulted on changes that needed to be made along the way, as I knew how I wanted the space to feel rather than look.

By having your salon located next to luxury retailers like YSL, which fashion brands or designers are you influenced by?
After the construction, I bought my wife a 3-piece suite from YSL for a job well done. I love classics on a modern woman, they know how to mix and match with other clothes/accessories that make it fresh. Since arriving on the very desirable part of 57th Street, I love looking at all the windows at Chanel, Dior and Burberry on my way to work. It could trigger me at anytime as a source of inspiration and to shape my mood for the day.

Who have been some of your favorite celebrities to work with?
I have the honor to be called upon by many celebs. The ones I seem to enjoy the most are those who have remained grounded and unassuming. It allows for the connection between us to take place that puts me in a “comfort zone” that allows my hands to take over. But, if I was to mention a name that always makes me excited, it would be Hillary Clinton, who I have the pleasure from seeing from time to time. Her energy is exciting but controlled obviously by current affairs. When she sits in my chair, I can really feel she is trusting my work and she never tells me what to do. On the contrary, she would always ask, “So Roy, what are you going to do to me this time?”. Usually at 5am when I see her, I’m not especially chatty, so I would just say “Well, we’ll soon find out!”.

Having lived in London, Paris, Los Angeles, and New York what about each of these four cities continues to inspire you?
I draw inspiration from New York City, which I am proud to call home. All of the other places that I go are to relax, play, or escape. I am constantly moving and thinking in NYC. And I take that energy to Miami and LA, where they tell me to slow down! There’s no place like New York for inspiration. I go to France yearly, where those surroundings help me put my thoughts and ideas into perspective and in order of importance.

What are three hair styling products every girl should own?
That’s easy; L’Oral Professionnel Infinium Spray Level 3, Matrix Styling Mouse, and Osmo Clay. Done deal.

Lastly, what advice do you have for aspiring fashion/beauty industry hopefuls?
Stick it out without growing a big head. Easy you say? Then why do so many fall into that pit. Also, choose to work with the best and learn from them. It’s how I did it!

Great advice and that’s a wrap! A big thank you to Roy Teeluck for taking the time to talk to MyFDB and for more about him and his salon, visit his official website.

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