Lady Gaga Called, She Wants Her Look Back

Mar 2, 2011 By Vaneza

I just saw Lady Gaga‘s latest music video for “Born This Way” and still don’t really know what to make of it…besides the fact that it was…well, just creatively weird. I can’t get over those shoulder and cheek implants which made Gaga herself look like some bizarre alien.

It seems as if the latest issue of Highlights is totally channeling Gaga with their hair and makeup in the editorial titled, “Pieces de Resistance” shot by Christel Bangsgaard. Makeup artist,Roshar created some bright and out of this world looks, while hair stylist,Lihn Nguyen went over the top and gave models only half heads of hair. I wonder if stylist,Sarah Adiana Butler noticed the similarities between both the spread and Lady Gaga’s new video or was it just some weird coincidence…

Check Lady Gaga’s latest video for “Born This Way” and tell us what you think!

Peep the full Highlights editorial and the team behind the scene on MyFDB.

Professional Credits:

Christel Bangsgaard Photographer
Lihn Nguyen Hair Stylist
Roshar Makeup Artist
Sarah Adiana Butler Stylist

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  • Caitlyn Sanders

    I don’t know about those implants …. i think she just should have stayed all natural …. no strings attached …. She is a very talented , colorful , weird , beautiful , and outstanding individual ….

  • sean

    Actually the Highlights shoot was done Last year and only recently got published…..way before the Lady Gaga video.
    Just so you know.

  • http://www.sarah-butler.com Sarah-Adiana butler

    I can second that. The highlights shoot was done over a year ago! way before the Gaga video came out. I think its funny how people assume we copied her look. I havent even seen the video.



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