Models Strut Down A Supermarket Aisle

Mar 21, 2011 By Vaneza

Yup, you read right! I can admit that as a child I had some fun times in my local supermarket. While my parents shopped, my sister and I would play that game where you’re surrounded by fake lava and the safe zones are the colored tiles. We’d hop and skip to safety, but that wasn’t the only thing we did…we also danced and strutted down the aisle like models. Hey what can I say? I was a hyper kid with a playful partner (my younger sister) and a wonderful imagination.

Well, it seems as if the creative folks at the New Zealand clothing brand, Stolen Girlfriends Club were able to turn my childhood imaginings into high fashion reality as their latest show took place in a supermarket! Not only wastheirrunway a supermarket aisle, but their backdrop was one of toiletries and produce. A cool concept, yet quite hilarious…Oh, don’t mind the models…just continue your weekly shopping. I can just hear it now, a man asking his wife, “Honey, do we have milk at home? Oh, hello model…wait, a model?!” Regardless of their setting, the models seem to be focused and undistracted. I know we told you aboout Karl Lagerfeld’s volcanic eruption, Louis Vuitton’s elevator and Rebecca Minkoff’s rock show, but this runway really takes the cake!

My favorite parts, besides the flowly fashions, have to be the onlooker’s reactions and the finale- where models stand among each other in line with Red Bulls in hand…to which I have to say, how very appropriate.Peep the video below:

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