Open Your Textbook, It’s Time For Our Weekend Read!

Mar 11, 2011 By Lauren Valenti

Have you heard of John Jannuzzi? Perhaps you remember him from the IFB Conference? Well, if you don’t know who he is yet, YOU SHOULD! MyFDBlog editors heart Jannuzzi’s fashion blogTextbook,because in a blogosphere full of imagery he actually gives us substance and something to read!It really is quite the amazingblog:

“Have you ever read a book and formed a perfect image of the character in your head? So have I, and thats why I started this blog. Whenever I read something I had a precise portrait of the characters in my head, every detail. Its no secret that there are major parallels between fashion, literature, history and music but the connection lives in so many different ways. On Textbook, I aim to show that connection by styling some crazy editorials for your favorite heroes and heroines.”

What a great concept! Textbook is a creative, rather addicting blog with ingenuity and cool images. And, might I predict the next step for Jannuzzi should be to publish a textbook, or coffee table book of his own to exhibit all of these fashionably literate connections…My fingers are crossed!

As an English Literature major, I cannot help but compare his character outfit posts to my own, personal ideas about what they should be wearing. Ahem, Mr. Jannuzzi I am waiting for you Paradise Lost post! The top image of this post features three outfits for Jay Gatsby of The Great Gatsby. The second image features outfits for Max from Where The Wild Things Are. Finally, the third depicts outfits for Sandy Dee from Grease. I couldn’t agree more with ALL of these outfits, they are spot on! My inner bookworm is totally geeking out right now! I will definitely be scouring the archives of Textbook over the weekend. You will probably want to do the same, trust me. Oh and before I forget, Jannuzzi is on twitter as well. He is probably one of the funniest tweeters out there, so follow follow follow!

[Images via Textbook]

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