Say Hello to Sue Wong’s (not so) Humble Abode!

Mar 18, 2011 By Vaneza

Last season, we attended Sue Wong’s presentation at her sleek and modern studio located walking distance to Korea Town…this time around Wong got a little more intimate and opened the doors of her estate (also known as the Cedars) in Los Feliz to guests.

The (not so) humble abode was beyond breath taking and extravagant as guests arrives to huge arched doorways. A large staircase took attendees to an even larger living room and food filled patio area, as well as, a back area with a pool and champagne endlessly flowing. However, the one thing that caught my attention most upon entering had to be the life-sized portrait of Sue Wong! It was as if Sue herself was looking down to give me her very fashionable blessing to enter the estate. The portrait, which resembled Wong to every detail, had a very Renaissance-meets-Baroque feel.

The rest of the estate was beautiful as models walked around in gorgeous gowns. However, in all honesty as much as I enjoyed the fashions and her collection (rightfully titled “My Fair Lady”) my attention was on the space! Extravagant pieces of furniture made of dark wood, large velour couches, and deep colored walls alongwith chandeliers, and a multiple gold accents and lion statues were just a few of the luxe items that stood out in my mind.

Guests were welcomed to roam the rest of the house. My favorite place in the estate had to be Sue Wong’s “office space” which was decked out in deep reds and golds with a huge desk and the most amazing bookcase I have ever laid eyes on. The cooler part? In the middle of the bookcase was a television…which was playing all of Sue Wong’s latest fashions! Once the house got crowded, which was sooner than later, we headed to the back of Wong’s estate which featured a large patio with lush velour couches and greenery. Below the patio was a bright blue pool which was beyond tempting to dive int and stairs leading to a guest house and another area where models were getting ready.

All in all, the space for the event was amazing….so there’s just one question to ask, when can I go back?

To peep more images from Sue Wongs fashion presentation head to MyFDBs officialFacebook page.

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  • Pablo

    “Breathtaking” is one word : P

  • Ivan Tell

    I never knew the extent of Sue Wong’s brilliance until I was invited to her fashion ‘Brunch’ at her legendary home, The Cedars. Her clothing designs and The Cedars came alive due to what can only be credited to her amazing talent and taste. Now this may sound a bit over-the-top, but from her elegant and delicately feathered and hand embroidered dresses and gowns to her own custom designed furniture, Sue Wong displays an attention to detail that I’ve never before seen (She even designed the hand beaded lamp shades!). Sue Wong’s uncanny ability to transform the dilapidated shell of this magnificent ‘Castle’ was to invite The Cedars to a renaissance which gives one hope that Los Angeles has not completely abandoned the Golden Era of Hollywood in it’s zeal to discard the past and embrace the new. Thank You, Sue Wong, for sharing your home, your talent and your spectacular ‘pre-code’ inspired dress designs!



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