Tights On Your Head

Mar 26, 2011 By Amy

Do remember that really terribleAmerican Idol contestant who came up with the tune, “Pants On The Ground”? The catch phrase was trending like crazy and for some reason this Noi.se magazine editorial, where models don’t put pants on the ground but instead wear tights on their head, totally has me reminiscing about the tune. Of course, these tights are done in a high fashion manner- totally artsy and classed up with accessories like the jeweled fan above. I’m also getting a whiff of ageometrictheme within the shoot.

Shot by photographer Manos Agrimakis, the model seems to have a body part emphasized in each photo…besides her head of course. Elongated necks, arms, and boobs make an appearance in the shoot. Makeup for most of the photographs was kept very natural and simple, but makeup artist Vangelis Thodos did get opportunity to create a blushing face for the romantic shot below.

Browse the full editorial and the team behind the scene on MyFDB!

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