Twylah Keeps MyFDB’s Tweets on Tap

Mar 10, 2011 By Amy

Do you know what it means to “retweet” or “follow” someone? If so, then kudos, because you sound like a savvy Twitter aficionado. However, don’t fret if those words sound like a foreign language to you because MyFDB’s new Twylah page will help you understand all of @MyFDB‘s tweets.

The platform has categorized our tweets into different categories based on how frequent certain keywords are used. Twylah isn’t like time sensitive Twitter, where if you miss an update it vanishes into the Twitter universe. Instead, the site allows you to see a variety of older and newer tweets based on categories. For instance, you can catch up on all of MyFDB’s #NYFW tweets which currently have the biggest presence on Twylah.

So what are you waiting for? Give MyFDB’s Twylah page a go!

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