Advanced Style: Who Say’s Old People Aren’t Fashionable?

Apr 8, 2011 By Lauren Valenti

From an early age, my parents always told me, “respect your elders.” I can firmly say that I always did respect them, but after recently discovering the fashion blog Advanced Style, I am now respecting my elders and their amazing style. Advanced Style is a street style blog that features ONLY elderly men and women on the streets of New York City. The creator of this fashion blog is Ari Seth Cohen—a man that respects his elders and covets their fun fashions. To directly quote Cohen, Advanced Style is ”proof from the wise and silver-haired, that style advances with age.”

And yes, these men and women DEFINITELY have style! In fact, I would argue that some of them outshine many fashion bloggers and fashionistas. I am specifically talking about two iconic ladies, Iris Apfel (pictured above) and Mimi Weddell. Just from glancing at their photos, I can tell that both Apfel and Weddell are completely comfortable in their skin while also knowing a thing or two about fashion.

I’m glad that team MyFDB stumbled upon Cohen’s superb street style blog. The older generations of fashion deserve some credit, after all, they have inspired and shaped all the industry youngins! Do you need to be inspired? Are you looking for a little fashion pick-me-up this weekend? Well, then we recommend you respect your elders and let these ladies and gents teach you about living life to the fullest and how to look good while doing it. Check out Cohen’s masterpiece, Advanced Style.

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