Eleven-Year-Old Fashion Designer To Become Reality TV Star

Apr 4, 2011 By Amy

Even though a huge onset of fashion reality shows are taking over TV airwaves (thanks Bravo), I had to do a double-take when I found out an eleven (yes, ELEVEN) year-old girl is getting her own show about fashion. As if Tavi wasn’t annoying enough, now there’s another new tween becoming the talk of the industry- at least this one can sew. Her name is Cecilia Cassini, and her handmade designs are currently selling out in major Los Angeles stores like Fred Segal.

The more I learned about her, the less I disliked her and actually admire her work. Think about it…a kid creating clothes for other kids? That’s way cooler than a friendship bracelet if you ask me. Cassini personally sews each order that comes in and with all the media attention she’s already received, I’d say her work is pretty good. Celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Kelly Osbourne, and Miley Cyrus have already worn custom made dresses by Cassini…I guess they wanted to get in touch with their inner-child?

So what’s inside an 11-year-old designer’s head? WWD recently talked to Cassini to learn more about her fashion sense:

Designer role models?

“My fashion idol is Coco Chanel because her ideas and designs are timeless. You can wear any of her original creations today and still be perfectly in fashion. I also adore Karl Lagerfeld because he is really carrying on the tradition of Coco, but adding his special flare. Everything he touches turns into something magical. Betsey Johnson is amazing, too. She has this fun, fearless style that I love.”

Celebrity style icons?

Lady Gaga, of course. She’s not afraid to take fashion risks and express herself, and I feel the same way. I also love Jennifer Lopez. Every time I see her, I love what she’s wearing.”

You can also learn more about the designer a previous Today Show segment below.

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The concept behind this tot’s TV show has yet to be revealed; however WWD confirmed that it is indeed happening during their interview with the trendy pre-teen. The real eye-raiser is the idea of giving an eleven-year-old their own show, but that’s something we’ll have to wait for more details about to really judge. Hopefully fame doesn’t go to Cassini’s head and she goes the way of the Fannings (as in normal child stars Dakota and Elle) and not the way of a Lohan.

What are thoughts on this soon-t0-be tween TV star?

[image via WWD]

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  • http://www.memrants.com themem

    Oh, this is exactly how to ruin the chance she had of growing up (both literally, and in the fashion industry) with some sort of humbleness. Let’s hope she is well guided and supported

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