Franca Sozzani Dislikes Fashion Shows & Photoshop, But Likes Blogging

Apr 27, 2011 By Amy

In the world of Vogue Anna Wintour isn’t the only alpha female, there’s also power player Franca Sozzani editor in chief of Vogue Italia. Unlike Wintour, Sozzani doesn’t hide behind dark sunglasses and she’s not afraid to call things like she sees them. She even has her own blog on Vogue Italia‘s website and her posts helped boost the site’s traffic to over one million unique visitors a month–now that’s†major editor power! Sozzani recently sat down for an exclusive interview with WWD, and of course we just had to bring you all the highlights.

When asked about the use of photoshop in Vogue Italia
“We use it less and less, increasingly so ó actually recently I am very much against it. But now itís part of daily use and you canít blame it. There are few photographers who donít use Photoshop, very few.”

On her boredom of fashion shows…
“I do get really bored at shows. Shows must be creative, without becoming ridiculous, otherwise a showroom presentation is best. And also Iím bored with what has emerged around the shows.”

On constantly writing new content for her blog…
“What bores me the most is to write about fashion shows, because Iíve always experienced them at a visual level. To put it down in words is much more difficult, I enjoy it less and it interests me less. What I like is to tackle different topics.”

On initially being criticized for the ďBlackĒ and ďCurvyĒ pages on her blog…
“Oh, very much so, because some said it was becoming the ghetto of plus-sized, the ghetto of black, but itís not true. These are very happy readers, happy that we are looking at them in different ways.”

How feels when her blog gets negative reactions?
“I respond, ‘They can go to hell.’ I say that Iím sick and tired and I wonít write my blog anymore, then they say, ďOh, continue.Ē I write what I think and we canít all agree; if we all did, where would controversy be? If there is no controversy, there is no opinion. I donít need to prove anything to anyone, because Iíve been head of a magazine for 22 years, and I find that I can express my ideas the way I want to. Then if you donít agree, we can discuss it. I didnít say Iím right, I say what I think. This is why itís fundamental to talk to our readers. They are so diverse, and itís important to understand what they think.”

I don’t know about you, but after this interview I added Sozzani’s blog to my daily read list.


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  • http://InNewYorkParisTomorrow.blogspot.com Madeleine Gallay

    There is much to learn from Ms. Sozzana … and a while lot of truth.

    The buying is done in the showroom and apart from enjoying a good theatrical show, it is not where the work is. And its access on iphones has made many shows democratic to the point of boredom.

    A long history of fashion and awareness of social ironies … a very good point of view.

    A family that does fashion for a living; Carla Sozzana, her sister, former partner of Romeo Gigli, does buy for her own boutique.

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