Interview with Makeup Artist & Fashion Film Star, Júnior Queirós

Apr 14, 2011 By Amy

Fashion films are literally taking over the web and MyFDB was lucky enough to go behind-the-scenes of the creation of one during this Swarovski photoshoot with makeup artist Júnior Queirós. Read his interview below to learn more about Queirós and watch the videos for a peek inside this exciting shoot!

How did you get your start as a makeup artist in the fashion industry?
I was born in a beautiful city in Brazil, called Salvador Bahia. I started in the world of makeup by chance. One day, accompanying a friend in a photo studio in my town to make her photo-book. The photographer asked me if I knew makeup and on impulse, I said yes.

Before living in Spain, I was working sporadically as a makeup artist in Brazil and combining it with other more stable jobs, but felt work in my city would be further complicated by the limited resources I had at the time.

I have a brother who has been in Spain for nearly 9 years and a few friends who have lived here much. So I thought I could make changes and renew. Today I have spent over 5 years in Barcelona, ??with hopes and new projects. I knew the journey would be hard, but every sacrifice has its rewards. I learned to appreciate things for my own accomplishments. Particularly, I am very happy with my career. I am fortunate to work with good professionals and collaborate in many interesting projects. To be recognized in this profession, you must demonstrate confidence in what you do, be creative and above all, be professional.

What prompted the creation of the fashion videos?
We believed this shooting would express a lot of sensuality. Although the styling is focused on jewelry, we had to get some models that had a good acting [experience] to transmit [into] the pictures, you see the result… An image of dream, mystery and mischief. The video has been a way to create curiosity for the project and we wanted to promote the shoot.

What are some of you favorite products or brands to use on set?
Over 13 years working as a makeup artist, I’ve tried many makeup products. Many times I’ve mixed up the products to achieve effects, colors and textures. I try to know the products to get the best out. With such a variety of products provided, we keep the ones we like. In particular, try not to work with a single brand of makeup, since this way I have the opportunity to adapt to each job, depending on the products that I have available.

Lastly, What Do you have advice for aspiring fashion industry hopefuls?
I always say that this work requires many sacrifices and [you] have to invest in the profession. But you have to be clear about where you focus your career. Above all, you have to like everything you do. What makes a good makeup artist is to be prepared [and] adapt to any work in the field of makeup. Something new or unknown, we take it as a challenge. Particularly, I never say no to a job. [If I] do not know, I try to overcome it, take it as a challenge. There is always time to learn.

Great advice! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Júnior! And for more information on Júnior  and his work, visit his official site!

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