Painted Bird: Chicer than Urban Outfitters & Cheaper than Wasteland

Apr 27, 2011 By Vaneza

After my horrible experience at the Urban Outfitters sample sale a few weeks ago and my (failed) attempt to give up clothes shopping for 40 days during lent (hey, I made it about half way through). I now have a newappreciationand eye for detail when it comes to clothes. Yes, I still buy a lot of clothing, but before purchasing I always look at quality and fit, as well as the price. If it’s a classic piece, then it’s worth it; if not, I try anddistractmyself.

And so, I present to you Painted Bird, a cool little space that just opened up in Silverlake which has the best of both worlds: cute vintage finds and reasonable prices–thank goodness and finally! Originally from San Francisco, Painted Bird is a new rad spot that just opened it’s doors last week. Think of it as a chicer minimalisticUrbanOutfitters with a much cheaper price point carrying things that would retail for more at theoverratedWasteland on Melrose. And although the space is not that big, you are guaranteed to find at least one cool piece…I scored on a patterned silk skirt (perfect for the summer) for under twenty bucks!

Racks are color-coordinated, which I loved (because I already enough black clothing), while vintage shoes, bags and belts fill up the rest of the retail space, plus there’s cool neon and black & white art hanging from the walls. Painted Bird carries a large amount of floral pieces, as well as denim, knit sweaters and tons of brightly colored silk tops (perfect for this season’s color-blocking trend). I spotted vintage Gap, Jaeger and Betsey Johnson pieces as I shopped…and the best part? From what I can recall,nothing I looked at was over the $80 range.

The staff was super friendly and similar to other recycled-clothing shops they buy vintage/new goods as long as they are in fine condition. Painted Bird has an array of one-of-a-kind vintage sunglasses and jewelry ranging from $15 – $60. The only downside is the parking…and anyone from LA can agree that parking is key. Given it’s practically a hidden location, you’re better off parking down the street, because getting caught in one of those teeny tiny residental Silverlake streets is no fun (take it from me). However, I could and totally will brave the parking to visit Painted Bird again soon- it’s worth it!

Painted Bird
4208 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 522-3368

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