Urban Outfitters Throws The Most Unorganized Sale. Ever.

Apr 15, 2011 By Vaneza

Do not go to the Urban Outfitters Sample Sale at Space 15 Twenty. As we mentioned before, the space as a whole is rad, but the sample sale was one of the most unorganized events I have ever paid to get into.

Team MyFDB headed there to wait in line and buy huge red bags for 50 bucks. The goal? Pack all you could into your bag…At first I was hesistant, but I’m an optimist and it’s payday, so I thought…eh why not? We walked through the back to the parking lot to a calm crowd. The crowd was odd, a mix of families (yes people brought kids), hipsters, and young looking teenagers (were they ditching class?). A DJ spun hip-hop tunes and the few food trucks that were there had no lines…it was clear people were definitely there for the clothes.

Within 20 minutes of being there (and my bag barely filled with an item or two), it became purechaosas more and more people flooded the area. Workers were grouchy and rude, while event goers becameaggressive. Our co-worker left with toes that were black because she had been trampled on. At one point, the crowd followed an employee as he dumped a box of goods onto a table and people rushed to it. The clothes were never seen or touched by the majority of the people.

And as for the quality? That was the most disappointing aspect of it all. Urban Outfitters, known for their great vintage style pieces and their “renewal” collection, really let guests down with their sad selection.The majority of items were in off sizes and even worse–DAMAGED! And I don’t mean “missing a button or could put a patch over that” damaged; I’m talking ripped dresses without sleeves and pants sans one pant leg. I felt as if for every “eh maybe I’ll wear that item” there were 10 “ew…well that’s damaged” pieces. As for accessories, I did score one cute bag, but was furious with Urban Outfitters’ employees who found it humourus to dump boxes of purses, wallets, sunglasses and belts on customers and watch people fight…And shoes?Yeah, only the lucky scored those… Case in point, one of our co-workers left with two different shoes sans the other one…(Who knows maybe it will be the next trend?)

I do believe in a good bargain and a good cause (10% of the proceeds went to American Red Cross), but it was so unorganized, chaoticand scary how forceful people could become over one dumb accessory. Thirty minutes in, I knew the sale wasn’t worth it, as I shoved someone for a garment. That someone ended up being my boss…Within another 10 minutes (at around 1pm) they had closed the sale and stopped putting items out.

I had stopped by Urban Outfitters a few days before the event to ask a salesperson about it. He confessed to me that it was the first time it was going to be done and didn’t know how well it was going to be in terms of “organization.” I should’ve taken his advice because all in all it was too stressful, messy, dusty and chaotic to attend.

I’ve had crazy shopping experiences before, but this was just horrific and now all I have to show for it is a bag full of dirty clothes.In the end we all left regretting spending money and honesty felt used by Urban Outfitters. We had just paid them fifty bucks to get rid of all their damaged inventory…so not cool.

*Editors note: Shortly after this story was published, Space 15 Twenty went on to say the Sample Sale was a success and had “sold out”.

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  • Jameson

    Wow! Thanks for the info and I’m sorry you all had to go through that.

  • Amanda

    update : since the publishing of this story my toes have been washed :)

    This write up was spot on! So wack. SO WACK! Now I have even more laundry to do this weekend ::sigh::

  • k_hustla

    horrible, simply horrible….but you’re the best vaneza!!!!!

  • RF

    I am certainly glad I sat this one out…saved 50 bucks! I think right now Urban Outfitters calls any dollar they get a success, no matter how they get it.

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  • Amanda

    worst sale i’ve ever been to!! i’m the girl front and center death clutching the frye boot and never even found the other shoe. the stuff they brought out was all junk and i’m still pretty mad i had to pay $50 to discover the stuff was all crap! great marketing scheme for them, horrible for consumers. they lost my business forever.

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  • llj

    Thank you for this. I just got an email that they’re doing it again this weekend (4/13-4/15). My hipster days are far behind me, my 17 year old son has developed a taste for clothes that look like they came from a thrift store but cost 10 times as much. Thought this might be worth the trek. Glad to know better.



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