Barbie’s Boo aka Ken

May 10, 2011 By Vaneza

Although my sister and I are pretty close in age, when it came to toys ourpreferencescouldn’t have been more different. I favored books, colored pencils and play-doh, while my sister loved Barbies. As a kid, I hated them. In my 5 year old mind, there was just something so plastic like and unrealistic about the dolls. The only joy I got out of Barbie and Ken was when I cut Barbie’s hair or saw how far I could toss her up in the air…Horrible, I know.

As I grew older, I grew slightly fonder of Barbie…I mean, besides Trolls and Polly-Pocket she was the “it toy” of my childhood. But wait, lest we forget her other half…KEN! Apparently, GQ Style Germany felt the same way because their latest editorial pays homage to Barbie’s “boo” in an editorial rightfully titled “Barbie’s Puppe” shot by Armin Morbach. I love how fake looking model Aaron Bruckner appears as Ken. From his perfecthairandchiseledjaw-line and even the way his hands fold…he has got the whole Ken look nailed!

View the team behind the scene and the full editorial on MyFDB!

Professional Credits

Armin Morbach Photographer
Klaus Stockhausen Producer
Seb Bascle Hair Stylist
Loni Baur Makeup Artist
Nadja Brvar Fashion Assistant

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