Buy Your Meat & Couture Handbags All At Once!

May 20, 2011 By Vaneza

As if grocery shopping wasn’t difficult and pricey enough; I always go in with a set list and come out with a cart full of goods…but then again, I guess the same can be said of shopping…whether it be online or in actual life, I always end up buying more than planned (I know, it’s a problem).

And now Gilt Groupe (which was just valued at $1 billion) is doing what they do best in terms of sales and retail but for foodies. They just launched their beta version of Gilt Taste, the food version of GG. Eater spoke to Ruth Reichl, the editorial advisor, who says the site is an online marketplace/interactive magazine. Reichl also wrote of Gilt Taste, “We don’t just want to sell you great products—we want to tell you the stories of the people who create them and inspire you with delicious new ways to use them.” Additionally the site plans to be not only a destination for purchasing goods, but also a means on inspiration and the contributors list is said to be enormous.

With the Lady-Gaga themed Gilt Sale going live today, We wonder if she would ever partner up with Gilt Taste…and more importantly, what would she recommend to users food-wise?

On that note, who says food and fashion don’t go together after all?

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