Hey, Don’t Get It Twisted Anja Rubik

May 1, 2011 By Amy

Anja Rubik pretty much has it all, gorgeous looks, a super hot fiance (Sasha Knezevic), and a successful modeling career. But it seems like she’s getting things twisted in her latest shoot for Vogue Paris. I mean “twisted” as in her luscious locks; the model’s hair is in a tightly wound updo created by hair stylist, Ward Stegerhoek. For this white clad shoot all of the garments Rubik is rockin’ are very billowy and free-flowing making her hair the opposite of her attire.

Now lets move onto the clothes because I love the white garments pulled for the shoot. I know many of them are man repelling and not exactly practical for everyday wear, but I don’t care–I want them allll! I mean, isn’t a white body suit paired with white see through pants totally practical for spring?

This shoot is titled “Immacule Sduction” and you can browse the full editorial on MyFDB.

Professional Credits:

Hans Feurer Photographer
Marie Chaix Fashion Editor
Ward Stegerhoek Hair Stylist
Lisa Houghton Makeup Artist
Donna D. Manicurist

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