Is Baptiste Giabiconi A Good Kisser? Rachel Bilson Will Never Know

May 10, 2011 By Vaneza

If the old saying “third time is a charm” rings true, then I just don’t know what to say about Lagerfeld‘s final (thank goodness) video for Magnum Ice Cream titled “Applause”. The first one was horrible in terms of acting and the second one was just hilarious in terms of plot. Now it appears as if they’ve saved the best, I mean, mostawkward for last…

It all begins very “Black Swan-ish” and as much as I love RachelBilson, there’s no replacing Portman. Anyways, a fantastic ballerina Bilson comes off stage to be greeted by fans and compliments galore…It is just me or does the first minute of the video make anyone else dizzy? And there’s good ole’ Giabiconi, who waits in the background to greet and kiss Bilson… but he gets dissed! And for what? An ice cream bar? Yup, you heard right; Bilson gives up making out with Baptisteto have an ice cream bar… Poor guy just can’t catch a break from his music video to a chocolate life-size statue of himself.

So in short, what have we learned from all 3 videos?
Bilson should stick to being a fashionista. Giabiconi can do it all (kinda)and Magnum Ice Cream bars give you artist powers and apparently more joy than smooching a hot model.

Wonder how many bars Bilson actually ate while filming the series? You can watch the last video here!

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