Would You Wear An Adult Onesie?

May 21, 2011 By Amy

What comes to mind when you hear the word “onesie”? How about “one-piece”? You’re probably thinking either a one-piece bathing suit or an infant’s onesie, because that’s instantly what came to my mind when I heard about a new store opening in Los Angeles for the brand OnePiece. Now I’m very open minded about style and have encountered more than my fair share of ridiculous trends (spirit hoods, pouch purses, designer overalls), but this newest one just might take the cake…enter, the adult OnePiece. I wish I was kidding…This new trend is making young people look like they either just joined a cult or the circus. I’m also not sure what’s worse: the OnePiece itself or its outrageous retail price of over $200?

According to the company’s website the item originated “in 2007 [when] three hung-over Norwegians had the idea to sew together a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants, connecting the two with a giant zipper to create the original OnePiece™. OnePiece™ is a unique lifestyle leisurewear, all about the chill out. OnePiece™ is a loose fit jumpsuit produced from the highest quality cotton, silky soft and an absolute dream on the skin.”

I get why this trend started in Norway, the country’s weather dips below freezing and they have nothing else to do but drink while they get pounded with tons of snow. As a California girl I can’t even imagine how cold it gets there…but I don’t understand why the brand selected the warm climate of Los Angeles to set up shop? Uhh…sorry but these onesies aren’t going to take off here…most people are way to into their own clothes and appearances to even think about wearing one of these silly outfits.

What are your thoughts on this trend… would you OnePiece it up?

For more OnePieces visit their official site.

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  • http://www.funzee.co.uk gez

    These seem to be the same thing for about USD 45 and they have just started selling in the USA

  • Skaterrr95

    Where do you buy the Pink and Purple one on the guy in the middle from?

  • Naomi Longo

    They are meant for wearing as pyjamas, not strolling the streets in. I thought they were really weird and then i wore one and completely changed my mind.



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