Azzedine Alaia Not Interested in Dating Dior

Jun 20, 2011 By Amy

Knock-Knock? Who’s there? Dior! Dior who? Dior-Do you wanna be our new designer? Sorry Dior, I’m too busy with my own career.

Okay, that’s not exactly how the conversation when down between famed designer Azzedine Alaia and fashion house Dior. The luxe label knocked on the unexpected door of Alaia and approached him about replacing the infamous John Galliano and creating a new chapter for the Dior brand. Flattered, but not interested Alaia immediately turned down the opportunity.

Given that Alaia was not on the Dior show wheel of suspected replacements this brings up some interesting theories regarding Dior’s replacement. Financial Times reporter Vanessa Friedman says it best with, “this makes me wonder if perhaps the group has some interesting plans to change the way it does business up its sleeve, and will use the new designer as an excuse to do so.If so, it would be a revolution that would have an enormous ripple effect on the whole fashion industry. My guess is other brands would immediately fall in behind; everyone is looking for a reason to change and slow down, but everyone is scared to be the brand that sticks its neck out.”

Change is good, but how much change are they planning and which designer is going to help Dior out of its rut? Looks like the Dior show continues and we’ll have stay tuned.


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