Do You Have Crazy Dreams Like This?

Jun 12, 2011 By Amy

Do you ever wake up from a night of crazy dreams and think, “What was that all about?” Well, this “In My Dreams” editorial from Genlux dives into the wild world of dreaming where things don’t make sense, but who care’s because you’re in amazing clothes. Here we see model Stephanie Loba entering a bizarre room with a sloppy, sleazy couple after she was just walking down a floating staircase…again, gotta love the crazy dream theme.

Photographer Erik Almas captured all of these bizarre shots which were dreamed up by designer Neda Dion. Overall the shoot has a very dark feel, but this is no nightmare, as there’s lots of bright glamour in the dresses.

See the full dreamy editorial and the team behind the scenes on MyFDB.

Professional Credits:

Erik Almas Photographer
Kevin Seah Stylist
Jade Altman Set Designer
Camille Clark Makeup Artist
Judd Minter Hair Stylist
Marsha Bialo Manicurist
Justin Bowen Photographer Assistant
Justin Bowen Digital Technician
Gijs Van De Most Photographer Assistant
Bryant Walton Photographer Assistant
Jessica Zanotti Fashion Assistant
Louiza Minasyan Fashion Assistant
Lindsey Acconero Fashion Assistant
Stephen Kamifuji Creative Director
Neda Dion Art Director

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