John Galliano Takes The Stand At His Trial

Jun 22, 2011 By Amy

A fashion trial for the record books took place today with John Galliano taking the stand for his anti-Semetic tirade which took place earlier this year. The former Dior couture designer (pictured above entering the court house) testified his innocence by using drugs as the reason for his outburst and a way of coping with his career pressures. I have an addiction. I am a recovering alcoholic, a recovering addict. he said.

The designer hired defense lawyer Aurelien Hamelle to represent him and his depression and drug use were a hot topic of interest during the day. Sadly, after Galliano’s partner Stephen Robinson passed away, sleeping pills and Valium were used as a means of coping. He testified that this cocktail of drugs was what caused his anti-Semitic outbursts in February.

Galliano was also under immense pressure as creative director for Dior, as well as the demands of maintaining his own eponymous line.

The charges faced by Galliano include “public insults based on origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity” and he could end up paying a hefty fine. We’ll have to wait for the verdict of the trial, but with video evidence and testimony from those he verbally attacked, things currently aren’t looking too bright.


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