Move Over MakeOvers, MakeUnders Are Where It’s At

Jun 2, 2011 By Vaneza

Is there anything worse that a naturally beautiful girl whose face is hidden behind a ton of makeup? If you are from any large bustling city such as Los Angeles or New York, then you know the answer to that…

And apparently Jane Pratt is on the same page because her new website XoJane.com is releasing a series of makeovers but in the form of a “makeunder”…you heard right. Take note beautiful ladies, sometimes when it comes to hair, makeup and clothes less, really is more (see models without makeup). Check out her first makeunder with New York fashionista and socialite, Tinsley Mortimer. Here’s the before:

And ta-da! The after…

Equally gorgeous in both, but there is something so fresh and youthful about her makeunder. The even cooler part? XoJane tells you the products they used on each person so you can get the look too. So what do you say? Let’s wipe off all our dark eyeliner and go au natural for a bit, yes?

[top image source, bottom image source]

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  • BannedJezebel

    Jane has been doing this since the 1990′s. New?



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